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trimming The World’s Greatest Beard™

Some guys humorously think of their beards like a pet. A great friend of mine put a whole different twist on that. Oh, and he just happens to have what I consider to be The World’s Greatest Beard™. He told me that he has always trimmed his beard himself and that he makes quick work of it. The results are always flawless. My friend further stated that he has always been pretty nonchalant about trimming his beard — so much so that for years he routinely did his speedy beard-trimming work with same electric pet clippers that he used for trimming his dog.

Despite a product warning “for animal use only” and despite using the clippers even on the dog’s rear end, he just grabbed the pet clippers whenever he was ready to trim his beard. Why bother with getting a fancy, highfalutin beard trimmer when the plain old dog clippers could do such a spiffy job? He did clarify, however, that he cleaned the clippers between the dog’s behind and beard trims.

Will using pet clippers develop your beard into one of the world’s greatest? No. Do not try this at home!