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happy five million!

At 9:55 PM PDT tonight, the counter on the photo gallery hit five million views!  Amazingly, it was on today’s date exactly one year ago that the gallery hit two million views.  Tonight’s achievement of the five million mark is a symbolic milestone because of the counter reading.  However, the actual count is already higher than that for a number of reasons.  A server failure prior to hitting the two-million mark caused a rollback of the counter.  Deleting photos from the gallery causes their view numbers to get subtracted from the count.  Also, Salvatore’s videos had high numbers of views that no longer show in the count because I took them offline.  I took them offline because they were consuming too much bandwidth.

So which photo was lucky number five million on the counter tonight?  It was this photo of Jason:

Jason at five million!

Click on the thumbnail image to view the larger image in the gallery.

Congratulations, Jason!  Happy five million!

Firefox 3 and

The Firefox 3 browser came out yesterday and it slightly breaks the page layout.  It moves the image that’s supposed to be in the upper right-hand corner over next to the image in the upper left-hand corner.  I’ve found a way to fix the problem.  But it will take me a while to get the change made to all of the affected pages.  I was already behind on stuff for the site, so this extra work isn’t exactly a welcome development.  Some of the pages have already been fixed.  I’ll fix the rest as soon as I can plow through them.  Meanwhile, if the upper-right corner image is not in its rightful place as you view the site in Firefox 3, you’ll know why.


Brian kindly participated in an exclusive photo shoot for all about beards yesterday, the 8th of March. This is a continuation of the site’s original beard photography project. Look for Brian soon in the featured beards section of the site.

UPDATE: Brian is now in the documentary beard photography section.  His photo album is here.


adding more beards to the world


Could you imagine never allowing the world to see this beard? This is Dale. More than a year ago, a friend recommended to Dale that he visit Dale checked out the site and was immediately inspired to start growing his beard. He has been growing his beard and experimenting with different styles ever since. That’s one more beard in the world, thanks to

Of course, Dale’s industrial-strength beard is not the only beard whose growth was inspired by the site. Several are documented in the beard success stories section of the site. Those, however, represent only a tiny fraction of the beards added to the world in response to the influence of I know of lots more. I am sure that there are even more out there that I haven’t heard about and likely never will. If you are among those who grew a beard because this site convinced you to try it, drop me a line to let me know. And if you’d like to appear on the site, be sure to mention that!

If you know someone who could grow a beard, be sure to tell him to get to and start growing. He could be the next Dale! Remember that Dale’s example shows that it works! Do your part to add more beards to the world.

Cell phone photo of Dale above is provided courtesy of Dale and used with permission.

Have a GREAT bearded 2008!

all about beards' twelfth anniversary

Happy New Year from all about beards!

Later this month, the site celebrates its twelfth anniversary. Beards are continuing to gain momentum with each year that passes. Let’s make 2008 the best year ever for beards.

As the first day of a new year, today is a great day to start growing your beard. Go to the growing a beard page and get started right now! Know anyone who can grow a beard but hasn’t? Send them all to the growing a beard page and have them get started growing right now!

Have a GREAT bearded 2008!

happy two million!

At 1:59 PM PDT today, the photo gallery hit two million views! Counting began on the 26th of January of 2006 when most of the site’s standalone photo galleries were converted to the current system (Coppermine Photo Gallery). The true number of views is actually higher than what appears on the counter at any time because a hard drive failure on the server a while back forced a recovery from an older version of the database. That rolled the count back by several day’s worth of views. The count also does not reflect the total number of image views on the site since January 26, 2006 because some of the site’s galleries are still standalone — including the popular “original truly outstanding beard gallery” — and image views in those galleries are not included in the count. Nevertheless, the 2,000,000 views milestone is worth some celebrating!

Who was lucky number two million? Patrick of the District of Columbia in the USA:

Patrick -- number two million!

Click on the photo above to view the full-sized image in the gallery. Congratulations, Patrick! And in a self-congratulatory mood, congratulations to “all about beards” at!

great day for beard photography

Salvatore: the goatee supremacy

Yesterday, Salvatore kindly posed for another set of original photographs for all about beards. This is part of all about beards’ ongoing effort to produce more and more original, high-quality beard photography. Look for Salvatore’s photos in a site update coming soon.