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topics about the site, including new features and future enhancements


After a much-too-long hiatus, the documentary beard photography project resumed activity yesterday with another original beard photo shoot.  Dale, with his amazing beard growth, kindly agreed to the beard photo shoot.  Here are some preview shots from March 20th, 2009.







all about beards made its first appearance on the web on the 17th of January of 1996. The site’s original objective was to promote beards in a positive manner. Thirteen years later, all about beards is the longest-running beard site on the web and the site remains dedicated to its original mission. We have come a long way, but there’s much more in store. With an eye on a bright future, our thirteenth anniversary year promises to be the best yet!

seven million!

At 8:42 PM PST, the counter in the galleries hit the seven million mark!  We hit six million back on October 22, 2008.  I would have liked to hit seven million by the end of 2008.  But I’m happy to start off this early in 2009 with such a great milestone.  Keep viewing those great beards in the galleries!

So which photo was the lucky number seven million?  Well, this time I was at the keyboard and was able to see which one it was.  It was this photo of Andrew:

Andrew at seven million!

Click on the image above to see the larger version.

end of an era in beard history

The original all about beards site:  January 17, 1996 — October 31, 2008.


What is today the “all about beards” site that resides here at appeared initially at the address on the 17th of January 1996.  On the 20th of January of 2005, the all-new all about beards site made its debut at its current address.  The old site was hosted on web space allocated to AOL members.

When the updated version of all about beards opened at, I left the original up as a legacy site with pointers to the current site.  Today, AOL shut down all of its members’ sites, including the all about beards legacy site.  So I am forced to bid a sentimental, fond farewell to the online presence of the early form of all about beards.   Rest assured, however, that all about beards will continue — stronger than ever — at building the future by honoring the past.

I also have some housekeeping to do.  Actually, I never got completely weaned off of the old site, with a few features still residing there.  I have some extra work to do now to migrate those features here.

six million already?

At the end of June, the galleries hit five million views.  Late this evening, the counter clicked over to six million views.  I wasn’t at the keyboard when it happened.  I missed seeing it by 188 views.  So I don’t readily know who was lucky number six million.  At five million it was Jason (although it was not this photo — this one does not appear in the galleries at this time):


Click on the photo above to go to Jason’s beard feature.

what’s goin’ on

This is just a quick note to let you know a little about what’s going on with the site lately.  A series of difficult circumstances arose in the second half of July and still continue today.  This has pretty much put the brakes on site development.  New features were put on hold and the daily updates to the beards of the world gallery have been held up.  Around mid-August, I had only a brief opportunity to resume work on the site.  I am hoping now that the work on the site will slowly be coming back up to speed.  Thanks for your patience.

And here is another preview photo of Brian: