are you worthy of the beard?

In a recent comment on this blog, Joseph Alexander suggested that perhaps not all are worthy of the beard. While this site’s unrelenting message is to promote beards and to encourage the growth of beards, I recognize that beards are not for everyone. For some, the problem is the lack of facial hair follicles to do the job. It’s no fault of their own. That’s mother nature’s call and there’s not much that can be done about it. That’s why I encourage those who don’t have the follicles to produce a full beard to select another style that makes the most of the follicles that they have. If you have so few facial hair follicles that none of the beard styles seem to work for you, then it’s probably better to go back to shaving.

A beard, whatever style, should enhance your appearance. If it just doesn’t work and doesn’t look right, then maybe a beard simply is not for you. Just don’t be too hasty in making that determination. A new beard that may not appear to stand a chance may actually blossom into an admirable creation if given sufficient time. That’s why the let-it-grow-for-at-least-six-weeks rule is so important, especially for someone unsure of his beard-growing capability. Give it a try. If after six weeks you are happy with the result, then you’ve succeeded! If you are not happy with the results, you could give it a little more time. But if you come to the realization that the beard just did not work for you, it might be time to shave it. You might try again in a year or so to see if it turns out better the next time.

8 thoughts on “are you worthy of the beard?”

  1. I’ve always been very sad that my moustache doesn’t connect to my beard. There’s about a quarter-inch of space in there on both sides where no hair grows, and that just cuts me off from a huge array of beards. Maybe when I’m out of college and I become a professional adult, I can afford follicular transplants to that area.

  2. yeah it is sad, i have exactly the same problem.. my mustache and goatee grow in abundance.. but there is no hair to connect them.. however dont worry about your appearance, only ladies do that.. just be thankful thatu at least got that much hair on your face..

  3. I really think, that there are those who are not worthy of wearing the beard, but not because of how it looks on them. Men such as Sadam and Osama are not worthy of the beard, because of who they are and what they have done, even if they can grow good examples it. These types of men disgrace and dishonor the beard and all that it represents.

  4. That is so true Paul , I too am tired of the “That Man has a Beard so He must be Bad ” viewpoint – What about Santa , Jesus , or even Honest Abe . – All GOOD GUYS with Beards ! I know many , Some on this website who are fine , good men with beards . Youre right my friend , It is a disgrace and a dishonor for people like Osama and Sadam to have beards , even if they are nice beards . Its not the beard – Its the person under them .

  5. When I was younger, my mustache did not connect to my beard, but as I got older it filled in. The first time I grew a full beard, it took me three months to get past the itching stage, but it was worth the wait.

    Amen Paul!!! Sadam and Osama are “not worthy” of the beard. They should have shaved Sadam before they hanged him. If they catch Osama, they should do the same to him.

  6. Aldon, I like that. It would’ve been humiliating for him and funny to me just to see that man be shaved before he was hung. Hopefully they’ll catch Osama and shave him as well.

    My mustache and beard didn’t connect until this past year. I was home on leave for Christmas and noticed that it had finally connected completely (after I shrugged off my razor for a week). When I get out, I’ll be able to fully grow a beard. I can’t wait.

  7. I agree that some people are not worthy of their glorious facial growth. On the other hand though, ask yourself this: would the likes of Saddam, Osama and even Abe Lincoln have become such powerful leaders if they did not have the respective beards and ‘taches? I’m still hoping my flowing chin locks will bring me power, then we’ll see who laughs at my curly ‘tache. Oh yes, we’ll see (insert maniacal laugh here).

  8. im just turned 18, my beard is one of the best in my highschool but my mustache doesnt connect. is it too late for me to progress in beard growth any more?

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