8 thoughts on “Richard’s beard photo shoot”

  1. Richard, you have a beautiful beard! In your video,you are so very handsome and sexy! If you have a partner, she/he is very lucky indeed! Your personality also comes strongly accross through your beautiuful smile… Hope to see more of you, and hope to become, at least, internet buddies with you!

  2. Week 1 into lst beard. (Will be white or grey) . 82 next month. I’ve been clean shaven all my life. Apprehensive .Promised wife & friends not touch it for 4 weeks. If I last ’till then, I’ll go for six weeks before dterimining options. Wish me luck!

  3. Mark, I’m sure that Richard grooms his beard. He does a great job of it.

    Dick, good for you! Hope it grows great for you. Let us know.

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