8 thoughts on “Richard’s beard photo shoot”

  1. Richard, you have a beautiful beard! In your video,you are so very handsome and sexy! If you have a partner, she/he is very lucky indeed! Your personality also comes strongly accross through your beautiuful smile… Hope to see more of you, and hope to become, at least, internet buddies with you!

  2. I really like how full your beard looks while being very well groomed.
    Do you groom your beard?

  3. Week 1 into lst beard. (Will be white or grey) . 82 next month. I’ve been clean shaven all my life. Apprehensive .Promised wife & friends not touch it for 4 weeks. If I last ’till then, I’ll go for six weeks before dterimining options. Wish me luck!

  4. Mark, I’m sure that Richard grooms his beard. He does a great job of it.

    Dick, good for you! Hope it grows great for you. Let us know.

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