Grow a beard, a REAL beard.


I frequently hear from new beard growers who are intimidated about letting their new beards grow much beyond the stubble stage.  Fear not.  Carry on.  Let it grow.  Too often, they express fear that a beard growing longer than stubble will be too long!  These fears are unfounded. With a new beard, your self-perception is altered.  The thought of going beyond stubble may terrify you, with visions of presenting a monster beard.  A monster beard — or simply one that you feel is too big or too long — requires going far beyond stubble.  Ease up.  Don’t worry.  Don’t stop growing.

If you’re growing a new beard, don’t stop before you’re done.  Don’t stunt your new beard.  Let it grow beyond the stubble without fear.  Let it grow out, fill in, and blossom.  Give it a fair chance.

A beard beyond stubble length is more of a real beard.  If the stubble beard is what you really want, then keep it at that length.  But if you’re growing a new beard, don’t be afraid to go beyond stubble.  Otherwise, you deprive yourself and others of seeing your fully-grown beard in all its glory.

So how long should you let your new beard grow?  You don’t have to let it grow to the size of Rich’s beard pictured above.  But you should get closer to his length than clinging to the stubble range.  See how you like the way your beard shapes up after passing the stubble stage.   You may be pleasantly surprised.  Rich’s beard, above, clearly demonstrates that a fully-grown beard can appear neat and well-groomed.

Keep growing!

10 thoughts on “Grow a beard, a REAL beard.”

  1. I agree. A full grown beard needs to be shown to the world. If you have the hair, grow it! Thisis why I grow my full beard. I love it and so does my girl. So grow guys!

  2. I have a full grown un-trimmed beard, and have been searching all over the net for info on how to roll/ pin up a beard. I can’t find anything at all on this issue. Would love some info regarding rolling up a beard if anyone has.

  3. I agree ! I give up trimming my short beard since late August and I am on a 6 (at least) goal. Let beards flourish!

  4. My advise to a new beardy is to- as you said- let it grow, with one exception: Grow the beard but shave (or zero grade) the cheeks and the neck. That way you instantly have a beard effect and don’t look just scruffy. I personally can’t bear hair on my lips from a moustache so that gets trimmed twice a week, the rest is left but I carefully trim off the tufts that develop in the sideburns with un-guarded clippers- CAREFULLY! As the beard grows I leave a tiny margin un-shaved so the beard spreads gradually until it is full, I also keep the neck in check as it grows much faster than the cheeks- in my case. But we’re all different!

  5. Sorry, all, for my late reply.

    Mario: Good for you! Thanks.

    full long beard: I don’t know how to roll up and pin a beard. A hairdresser would likely know how to do it.

    le campion: Great! How’s it growing now?

    johnnywindows: Thanks for your advice, but I don’t recommend messing with the cheeks and neck early on. That’s usually the number-one recipe for disaster for new beards.

  6. hi guys, well am growning my beards, i’d love to have aTeddy Pendagrass – style. i havent shaved for 10 days and i can see the shape coming up. thanks for your comments

  7. Hi all. I have recently decided to grow a beard and by the looks of a lot of posts my feelings differ from that of most new beard growers. My worries are not to higher cheek line or to lower neck line but rather the opposite. If I’m going to grow a beard a want a really thick beard, like Pauls powerful beard in the featured beard section or a Zach Galifianakis style beard. My concern is that I have even coverage all over my face, but it’s not that thick. I’m 3 weeks in and the hair is reasonably long but not thick and full. Can I expect it to fill in or will it just continue to get longer? Any tips on achieving this type of beard. I apologize if I have posted this in the wrong place or asked something that has been asked before. Also I would like to say how much I appreciate this site, it’s very informative and helpful but also supportive, as I’m getting little to no support with my beard choice from family and friends. Thanks again for the site guys. I’m out.


  8. Hi, Capa.

    Congrats on your decision to grow a beard! The main thing to do is give it enough time to fill in. Beard density varies a lot from one individual to another. Some guys have beards that fill in quite rapidly. Others take more time, but fill in nicely. Others may be too sparse to ever look filled in. So just let it keep growing and see how it does. Three weeks is still fairly early.

    Thanks for your kind words for! We are here to help. Hang in there. Good luck to you.

  9. Hi Steve, thanks for the reply mate, appreciate it. I’ve resolved to just let it grow and see what happens. Thanks for the support. I’ll keep posting on the progress.

  10. Hi, Capa.

    Great! Thanks for the update. Good luck to you. Hope it all turns out to your liking. Will look forward to progress reports.

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