Beards BeCAUSE

Check out this beard-centric charity effort to raise money for a battered women’s shelter in Charlotte, North Carolina:

Beards BeCAUSE.

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4 Responses to “Beards BeCAUSE”

  1. Jared Yerg Says:

    We appreciate you spreading the word for us!

  2. Steve Says:

    Thanks, Jared. It’s my pleasure. I wish you great success!

  3. Jared Yerg Says:

    Just to let you know, we had our finale party this past friday at which over 900 people attended and we surpassed our 2008 goal of $30k by raising $46,556 for the United Family Services’ Shelter for Battered Women. A little facial hair can go a long way…

  4. Steve Says:

    Hey, Jared. Awesome! Congrats to all.

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