16 thoughts on “Wade’s beard: Wow!”

  1. Fantastic beard, just wondering how long it took for the beard to get to that length and thickness, was it about 6 months or more?, looks like at least a year, hard to tell. I have got a 4 and a half month beard and people think it is 4 years, not 4 months, not nearly as long as yours but the thickness and bushyness is about the same

  2. Thanks, Al! He told me that he already had a much shorter beard and then decided to let it start growing, untrimmed. I’m not sure how long it’s been. I believe he said that it’s been more than a year.

  3. I did take a photo of my beard when it was 4 and a half growth and it looked really thick and bushy, however, I don’t have the equipment to post it on this site, I’am a bit new to the Internet, I would need someone to show me and perhaps get the proper camera,etc to post a picture on this post!!??

  4. hi, well that’s easy! you don’t really need a camera, you can take photo’s on the webcam on your laptop or computer. does this help?

  5. Thanks, I’ll try that, however, just this morning (18/9) Microsoft Windows 10 “updated” everything so I will have to figure out things how to get to the photos that I do have on my Laptop and upload them onto the Internet

  6. I don’t live in England, Scotland, live near Glasgow, was walking though Glasgow City Centre the other day, of course I was looking to see how many guys had a beard, hundreds in fact but I only saw 4 or 5 who had a beard thicker than mine, that’s quite a contrast to only a couple of months ago when ‘hundreds’ had a beard thicker than mine, just so happy that I have a quick growth although I’ve got a long way to grow to bead Wade.

  7. hi, ok thanks for letting me know! I would like to ask if we can be friends? and do you have a e-mail address.

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