4 thoughts on “summertime is beard time”

  1. TRUE!!! A beard does protect the face in the summer as well as the winter! and it can be cooling as well……. I speak from years of experience.

  2. I see that this latest update includes a picture of the man from the recent videos. I could not find him in the Featured Beards section, is there a way to search for a specific name on the site? If not, can someone point me towards the link to his gallery?

    I also searched a few updates from recent times, and I found a guy called Brian with an awesome beard. But if it weren’t because I had read updates about a year old on the blog (or more), I wouldn’t have found him. In fact right now if I had to find him again I wouldn’t know where to look, except again going backwards through the blog updates.

    Am I missing a part of this site where you can more easily search for people’s galleries? Thanks in advance!

  3. Thanks, Greg! Glad to have your support!

    Arturo, I’m sorry that you had trouble finding Scott. Usually photos in the blog of someone who is featured are linked to their beard feature. In Scott’s case, his feature’s been delayed. Therefore, there is nothing to link yet. Regarding not finding Brian in the featured beards, it could be that you’re referring to Brian in the beard documentary photography section.

    You can browse the featured beards albums here:

    The documentary beard photography section is still in its infancy, with only two albums right now. You can browse the albums here:

    I hope that this helps.

  4. Thanks Steve! I had no idea there was a Documentary section. That was indeed the Brian I saw. That guy gives me some major beard-envy. Since I thought the pictures of him were taken by beards.org I thought he would have been listed in the Featured Beards, but I now see it’s the Documentaries section.

    And Scott not having his page set-up yet explains why I wasn’t able to find him either! Thanks for clarification.

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