Andy! Now that’s a BEARD!

Andy kindly participated in an official photo shoot on September 23rd, 2010.  Unlike any other photo shoot to date, Andy’s photo shoot included a trip to the barber shop for a haircut and beard trim.   Here are some preview shots from the first part of the photo shoot.

Off to a great start: first photo from the shoot.
Beards allowed!
Andy! Now that’s a BEARD!

Stay tuned for lots more of Andy!

6 thoughts on “Andy! Now that’s a BEARD!”

  1. I have to agree Will james. That is just a superb beard! This beard is another great addition to the site. This is why I love because all of these pictures inspire to me to keep my full beard. Thanks

  2. Wow Steve! This is one incredible beard! The thickness and density are amazing, Too bad to hear about a Trim on a beard like that one! And that stache. Its HUGE. Another great find!

  3. Will: Thanks!

    Mario: Thank YOU!

    Greg: Thanks! Don’t worry about the trim. It was very minimal, just tightened it up a tiny bit.

  4. Very handsome beard. Agree, should not have cut/trimmed it before the shoot. It is so thick and full, let the moustache grow over your lip and the beard grow out fuller. Wear it proudly for those of us who are not able. Thank you for sharing your facial hair.

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