seventeen years of all about beards

17 years of all about beards

It’s the seventeenth anniversary of all about beards today on the seventeenth of January, 2013. To mark this occasion, I’ve created a special video with a look back at some of the history and features of the site. To see the video on YouTube, which is on the all about beards YouTube Channel, just click on the image above.  Or click on the embedded video below to watch it on this page.

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One thought on “seventeen years of all about beards”

  1. I’m going on two months of beardedness. It does take a commitment. I almost gave up twice. Once during the itchy stage and then again when one side was growing a bit longer than the other and I was pissed. I kept the faith though and undertook a slight trimming that evened everything out and now I feel good about it. Some advice for anyone just starting out, I almost made this mistake a few weeks ago…..Don’t trim your beard after you’ve been drinking. I didn’t do anything stupid, but I sensed disaster in the air and stopped. Beard long and prosper.

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