Remembering’s official bearded barber

Cody Smith, bearded barber

Today is a sad anniversary for  One year ago today, we lost a dear friend: Cody Smith,’s bearded barber.

Cody was a friend to all and a special friend to  He was a great advocate for beards and a supportive fan of  He was proud of his great beard and his background as a bearded barber.  Cody was quite skilled in the proper care and maintenance of the beard.  He was eager to share his considerable knowledge on the subject.  In his honor, I am designating Cody as’s official bearded barber.

You are missed, Cody.  Thanks so much for your friendship.  May you rest in peace.

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  1. Abdul Hannan Says:

    Peace be upon u all. U know in Islam(the religion of peace) it is mandatory for a man to grow a full beard at least one fist in length and shaving is forbidden. It is sign of manhood and differentiates us from women. Also i think beard also makes a man look more sexy. i’m just 17 and i am starting to grow a 1 fist length beard. All the Prophet’s had a beard. Either it be Jesus, Moses, Abraham, Isaac(peace be upon them all) and u know that Jesus(pbuh) said in book of Deuteronomy that grow a beard so its also part of the Christian faith.

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