beard conservation video

Check out this cool beard video. Don’t shriek in horror at the destruction of the beard. The star of the video has assured me that the beard has been well on its way back.


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5 Responses to “beard conservation video”

  1. Mario Says:

    LOL! What a cool video!

  2. Norbert Says:

    jaja, very nice video.

  3. Glenn Says:

    Great video. Reminds me of Mike Jittlov’s “Wizard of Speed and Time” stop motion videos from years ago.

  4. Lee Says:

    Man, I just signed up and submitted a picture to this site yesterday and saw this. I may have to go into therapy.

    Seriously, It was funny and I laughed but what a beautiful long beard to do that to. I know it grows back but at what cost? LOL

  5. Roger S Says:

    Man talk about Edward Scissor hand. I think we found his brother.

    Seriously I would like to know how he did that.
    that video was to much fun almost laughed my beard off.

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