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Dodge’s super beard contest!

Take a stand!  Be a man!  Grow a beard!  Win big prizes!

Dodge Super Beard Contest

Following up on their Super Bowl “Man’s Last Stand” commercial, Dodge is sponsoring a “Super Beard Bowl” competition: the Super Beard Contest!  Beards of all ages, shapes, and sizes will face off to find a true champion.  The prize for winner is a trip for two to the Dodge Motorsports Race of the winner’s choice.  Other prizes include Dodge SRT track experiences and Dodge prize packs.

To compete, click on the image above to go to the Super Beard Contest page and enter.  Participants must upload a clean shaven photo at the start.  Contestants must also upload a final beard-growth photo by the end date of the contest, which is March 21st, 2010.

Registered competitors are welcome to submit photos here to help rally supporters in their bid for the win.

Enter the contest today and start growing!  Go to to get started!