Brian kindly participated in an exclusive photo shoot for all about beards yesterday, the 8th of March. This is a continuation of the site’s original beard photography project. Look for Brian soon in the featured beards section of the site.

UPDATE: Brian is now in the documentary beard photography section.  His photo album is here.





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6 Responses to “Brian”

  1. Johnny Says:

    Love the look!

  2. Sam Says:

    Dude that is a nice shirt… oh, and the beard is cool to.

  3. Elissa Says:

    What a handsome man! He looks fantastic.

  4. Alessandro P Says:

    Elissa, i wish there are more ladies like you!!

  5. Susan Says:

    Looking forward to seeing him in featured

  6. Steve Says:

    Thanks. I hope to get his feature done sometime soon.

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