the gift of a beard

Recently, Arthur Martins of Brazil wrote, “The reason why I grow my beard is because I really think beards are a gift (otherwise everyone would have one).”  Others have expressed the same idea in feedback to the site over the years.  Yes, a beard is a gift.  Gifts differ, however, so not all men are capable of growing a beard.  Those with the gift of a beard should share it by growing the beard for all to see.

5 Responses to “the gift of a beard”

  1. Aldon Says:

    I agree 100%.


  2. Steve Says:

    Thanks, Aldon.

  3. Spanish Guy Says:

    Pretty good gift from heaven, thought I still haven’t one, but I am optimist, my facial hair growth seems to be raising. I hope I can get a beard soon!!!!
    I don’t understand those guys that are always clean-shaven when they can grow a full beard.

  4. BEARDED BRO Says:

    It is a gift, and gifts are meant to be shared…..Grow a beard today and share it with the world……

  5. Sitiveni Says:

    Beards are a gift to be shared – more the merrier I say!

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