more Salvatore

Salvatore kindly participated in another exclusive photo shoot today. Look for an update soon! Below are two preview shots from today.

Salvatore: the goatee supremacy

Salvatore: the goatee supremacy

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4 Responses to “more Salvatore”

  1. attilio Says:

    hello salvatore.. great great great your beard
    i am making an experiment on my self.. i am leting my beard growing growing growing (i hope for 1 year) putting a pic of myself everyday in my blog ( or…
    i would lke to know what do you think about…

  2. attilio Says:

    hello salvatore.. your beard and your general look is great…

  3. J.J. Says:

    Hey Salvatore, great goatee! I’ll bet it took awhile to grow it that long. I’m trying to grow one myself. Right now I have two days growth of stubble.

  4. J.J. Says:

    Hey Salvatore,I’ve decided to clean shave my face and start from scratch.I’m growing a full beard for awhile and then I’ll shave it down to a mustache and a goatee when it gets to a certain length.

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