coming soon!

all about beards is proud to present Jason! Look for him soon in the featured beards section.




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5 Responses to “coming soon!”

  1. Justin Says:

    It’s great to see handsome bearded men making a comeback.
    Thanks, Steve, for all your work spreading the news.
    I’m looking forward to the feature.

  2. Steve Says:

    Thanks, Justin!

  3. Aldon Says:

    Talk about noteable beards … what about Gordon Peterson II from Texas. He has three photos posted. This man has a real Viking look (and he aint “scarey” looking either … unless you’re affraid of beards).

  4. William John Ballantine Says:

    Dear Steve,where`s Jason on the featured beards section?As of 18/06/2007,he doesn`t seem to have appeared!The guy looks great with his beard!I can`t wait to see him in the section.

  5. Steve Says:


    He’s been delayed. He should appear there in the relatively near future.

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