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beard photo shoots: Scott, Version 2.0

Scott graciously participated in two more documentary beard photo shoots this week.  The first was on Sunday, August 26th, exactly two years following his first beards.org photo shoot.  The second shoot this week was on Tuesday, August 28th.   Here are some preview shots from the first shoot this week.

Every photo shoot begins with a first photo.  To get the ball rolling, this was Monday’s first:


A few more:




Scott’s beard has changed somewhat since his first beards.org photo shoot two years ago.  Click on any of the photos above to visit Scott’s beard feature.  Stay tuned for more.

seventeen million?


Oops!  The gallery views counter hit seventeen million…sometime.  It was about a week ago.  I missed it.  Oh, well.  Here’s a little belated commemoration of the momentous occasion!  Photo above is another preview shot from Scott’s beards.org photo shoot.  His beard feature will appear one of these days…soon, I hope!  Stay tuned.  Oh, and thanks, everyone, for all your interest in all about beards!

beards.org’s second grow-a-beard commercial

The second video in this series is now up on YouTube.  This one features footage of Christopher, shot during his latest beards.org photo shoot.  Scott still serves as an official spokesperson for beards.org in this video.  Check it out:


Watch in full 1080p HD on YouTube.