red, blond, and brown Brian

Brown-haired Brian’s beard is a unique blend of red and blond. Today he graciously participated in an exclusive photo shoot for Watch for him soon in the featured beards section.






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5 Responses to “red, blond, and brown Brian”

  1. Alexander Says:

    What a great beard!

  2. Taylor Says:

    Its good to see someone else with a red beard and dark hair. I tend to get strange looks with mine when its a full beard so I’ve trimed mine down to a goatee w/ mustache so that I don’t have that hard line like Brian does above. But his looks great!

  3. Steve Says:

    I would recommend that you don’t let strange looks deter you from growing the full beard. If that’s the beard that you want, you should grow it!

  4. noko Says:

    This is awesome. Just look at the first pic! Both unique and great looking.

  5. banana Says:

    I really like this beard. It is exactly how I personally like a beard to look. Really neat and clean looking and very masculine. I shall go and have a shower now to cool off :)

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