the gift of a beard

Recently, Arthur Martins of Brazil wrote, “The reason why I grow my beard is because I really think beards are a gift (otherwise everyone would have one).”  Others have expressed the same idea in feedback to the site over the years.  Yes, a beard is a gift.  Gifts differ, however, so not all men are capable of growing a beard.  Those with the gift of a beard should share it by growing the beard for all to see.

Beard Team USA in eBay video

Captain of the team Phil Olsen and three beard team members, including esteemed world champion Burke, who appears in our featured beard section, make an impressive appearance in a promotional video for eBay. Check out the video here:

(defunct link removed)

If it’s not already selected, click on the “PRIDE” episode in the list. They appear at approximately 2:50 into the running time of the video.

beard growing season

Today is the first of November.  The date has become sort of the official start of beard growing season in the northern hemisphere.  If you’ve been thinking of growing a beard, it’s a great time to start.  If you’re a little too shy to go it alone, start a beard-growing contest among friends or co-workers.  It’s the perfect excuse.  At the end of the contest, of course, you can always choose to remain bearded.

For those of you in the southern hemisphere, it’s a good time for you to start growing a beard, too.  There’s no real reason why springtime is less appropriate for starting a new beard than is the fall.

Start growing!