great day for beard photography

Salvatore: the goatee supremacy

Yesterday, Salvatore kindly posed for another set of original photographs for all about beards. This is part of all about beards’ ongoing effort to produce more and more original, high-quality beard photography. Look for Salvatore’s photos in a site update coming soon.

advising Andy

Andy has grown a lot of beard and is wondering now what to do with it.

Andy's beard!

Andy’s grown his beard fairly long, as seen in the first two views. Then he trimmed it down to the length seen in the third view. He’s thinking about changing up his beard style some more and is looking for some suggestions. If you think you know what beard style would be best for Andy, please comment. (Comments are held in moderation to keep out the automated spam comments. I’ll approve your real comments as soon as I see them. Your patience is appreciated!)